Agree to Believe

Agree to believe.

Those words keep coming to me. I’m inclined to picture cornfields and Kevin Costner. And while that is kind of fun, I really don’t believe this beckoning  is toward a “Field of Dreams,” but perhaps, rather, into an Ocean of Promises.  It’s an opportunity to realize here and now, true safety, comfort, peace, and happiness.

“Agree to believe.”

Agree to believe WHAT? Good question. And you know what? You and I already have the answer. In fact, that’s the whole point. We can agree to believe that what we earnestly hope for, what we love, what we believe in, and that which we aspire to see realized, is possible.

There’s a fundamental and divine truth that we have and that we know. It lives in our hearts. We recognize that deep and generous truth in those ideas, images, songs, prayers, words, that touch us beyond our full understanding or articulating, that inspire us, surprise us, comfort us, stir us, and settle us. This sweet, profound, and powerful truth is absolutely intrinsic. It is native to us. It is that which is our built-in understanding of what is real and enduring. It is our hope before it gets deferred and our dreams before they get dashed.

And, in spite of life’s dampening rains of woe, the reality of things continues to be brilliant and undisturbed, the light that can’t be put out. That hope and that dream and that love of what is right and good and pure is still within us, ready to be re-lit, awakened again. We may have allowed ourselves to give up on the truth, to let the outward appearance of things tell us that we were wrong. We may have decided that it’s naïve to believe, to trust, to expect. We may have gotten accustomed to being angry, victimized, fearful, paranoid. Perhaps we have become attached to our misery and distrust, for it pushes off responsibility and justifies limitation and excuses, blame and criticism. We have also probably found that the very misery and distrust we are diligently guarding is giving us more to be miserable about and distrustful of.

You see, the thought is the thing. The attitude in the moment is the life you live now, and everything about your experience naturally and necessarily reflects what you accept, what you agree to. You know that this is true. The rainy day doesn’t trouble everyone, only those who agree to be troubled, only those that allow the seeming absence of sun to cloud their disposition.

Just try it. Agree to believe that what you love—goodness, life, peace, satisfaction, abundance, happiness, harmony, is actually what’s going on. Agree to the angel voice in your  heart, that says that your fears are unfounded, your doubts are unnecessary, and that good is not only possible, but is the underlying fact of being, your own being. Just, for a moment, suspend your disbelief and decide to be a child again. Agree to believe, to hope, to expect. Accept the good life, until you see it. Meanwhile, enjoy the mere fact that your thoughts are full of light and life and love, that laughing is allowed, that smiling is encouraged, that trusting is a relief.

Agree to believe. The full powers of earth and heaven support you in this. Truly.


About LauraMoliter

I'm a Divine Purpose Coach and Spiritual Activist. I'm also a poet, a Christian healer, as well as a singer/songwriter and a member of the band Rare Birds in Flight. I live in Austin, Texas, with my husband, Billy. I am also an identical twin.
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