Roller coasters, tulips, and the financial crisis

I’m not crazy about roller coasters. The speed and uplift lose their thrill pretty fast when you are on a downward plunge and your heart and stomach have made a fast journey up to your throat. The fun is pretty much dampened (completely doused!) by the terror and discomfort of such an adventure.

The roller coaster of alarm and hope in the financial world today can produce a similar, if more mental, nausea. What will tomorrow bring? Am I finished? What is the best course of action? Did I miss my chance at an opportunity? Am I in a state of false expectation? What will “they” do next?

The ups and downs of the economy, the various forces at work, the inexplicable or incomprehensible events and their consequences pressing on us, draining our energy and focus, is no way to live.  A lot of smart (and not-so-smart) people are searching for solutions. Some of those appear to be working, at least for some of us. Sometimes simply waiting seems to work. But is this a lasting peace or a reliable one?

There’s one solution that most likely has not been proposed in corporate boardrooms, government agencies, or at many kitchen tables across the U.S. and abroad.  And yet it is the only one that has the capacity to solve the problem in a satisfactory way, and one far less complicated.

Let me explain where I am heading with this:

The answer can’t come from within the problem. Many and disagreeing fearful or uncertain minds can’t remedy fear and uncertainty. Material solutions are lucky if they can band-aid that which is based on materiality, limitation. Such answers also can’t please everyone universally, or rid us of the temptation to fear again.

9/11 made us afraid of dying.  The 2008 financial crisis has made us afraid for our lives—the health, wealth, quality of life, that would make our days and hours, and those of our children, worth living, that gives us a spirit of freedom to be and to live and to love without qualification or justification.  Both current events have most of us living tentatively, walking on eggshells instead of tiptoeing through the tulips. (And we all should be able to do this. Choose your flower!) We have joined a culture of fear and victimization, and the fact that it feels justified is not any help to us. Can any lasting or intelligent solution come from a state of terror or anger, or a combination of both? And yet, here we are.

But, the thing is, we’re individually and collectively spitting distance from heaven, that state of being and living which is peaceful, harmonious, and free of fear. We’re a mere footstep away from that firm foundation that allows us the stability and ability to flourish without looking over our shoulders, paranoid and envious and competitive and perplexed.  Heaven is within easy reach, because it’s a state of mind, and not a state of matter. It’s a divine state of consciousness that makes all things possible.

Do you want not only to be better off materially, but have a sustained peace? Do you want to run free in the fields, ready to be surprised by joy? Or do you want to ride that roller coaster, uncertain, paralyzed, at the mercy of the machine, and locked in by that ill-fitting metal bar of material limits?

This blog is going to give you some keys to this heaven—freedom from fear and a cause for it, in your financial life and in all those areas that matter to us.  Keep on listening.  Stay tuned. And pass it on… 

About LauraMoliter

I'm a Divine Purpose Coach and Spiritual Activist. I'm also a poet, a Christian healer, as well as a singer/songwriter and a member of the band Rare Birds in Flight. I live in Austin, Texas, with my husband, Billy. I am also an identical twin.
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