Why Your Journey Matters


In my walk of life, I’ve learned one thing that I think is vital to keep in mind. It helps me greet others with more grace and openness and non-judgment. And it also brings out in me more confidence and conscious self-worth.

Here’s this precious idea: “Anyone’s journey is as unique and valuable as another’s journey.”

We may be proud of the lives we’ve led. Or we may feel full of regret and disappointment over our past. We might see others as having it all where we don’t. Or we might, on the other hand, think another just doesn’t have what it takes, or that they are less seasoned or wise. It may seem to us that they don’t have experiences that we can relate to or that they don’t get where we’re coming from. But all of that is judgment. And that means it is limited and limiting. When we consciously give up that habit of judging, we can see more of what is really going on and benefit from this clearer perspective.

In truth, anyone’s life experiences are only a surface presentation. What we have gone through outwardly, and what has transpired for us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually are not the same things. The series of events and circumstances aren’t who we are or what we’ve become. We are so much more.

But, on the other hand, those experiences have helped to craft the perfect you that has arrived into this day, ready for its blessings. I don’t believe that God gives us challenges, but I do think that we are today the evidence of what those challenges have cultivated in us, shaped, molded, shined up, polished, and refined. Your experiences and mine are valuable in that they have brought out in us this very glorious idea that is needed, right, and beautiful for today. It behooves us to know the grandness of that, the rightness of it, and to own our journey for what it has awakened us to, how it has informed us about who we really are, what we really love, and why we are unlike anyone else in the universe.

And then take that further by recognizing that this very same principle of Life is all around you. We all have these journeys—these spiritual journeys, really, that have connected the dots in our lives to come out with this lovely arc leading to where we are today, the rich pot of golden character at the end of our colorful rainbow. The details make for a fascinating story, and we should certainly treasure the travels of our life. But, I think that the most important thing is that we are all here in this day, with that journey bringing us to this scenic viewpoint, ready to move forward.

Everyone’s experience is worthy and precious. Each of us is on a unique path, one that we can’t escape, and that will keep guiding us home. Our lives are the special road we take in order to become more acquainted with the Truth of our being, with Love, and with our special mission and place in the grand scheme of things.

Value your story! Isn’t it funny how we often don’t think of ourselves as really having accomplished anything? Yet, we find that when we open up and tell our story to another—the human one with all its stuff and nonsense even—others find it intriguing, instructive, inspiring, even fascinating. It often takes me relating my own life events to another to see that it is actually kind of unusual and interesting! You see, we all have facets of discovery that are unlike anyone else’s, and that means our life stories with us as the main character, are truly unique and wonderfully captivating.

And, again, the point to know today is that the story up till now has put you and I at a moment of amazing possibilities. Embrace this space of opportunity. You have wisdom through your experiences. You have greater understanding and likely an even deeper conviction to live forward with more clarity on what you can do and be, and with a greater awareness of what is truly important and meaningful.

My life has been all over the map. On the face of it, it seems like I really was clueless about what I wanted from minute to minute. But when I sit still now, breathe, and reflect on it, I realize that everything was leading me to this point, and this moment is a powerful one. Being conscious of who we are, gives us power. Being aware of the unique and valuable asset that you are not only for your own life and those in your circle, but for the world, is a magnificent thing.  Your journey may veer around, but it has lead you to today’s perfect alignment of the stars, so to speak—the ideal and harmonious collaboration of ideas and experiences that is here to sing in your life and to bring something wonderful to the world as well.

And that greatness you have to offer in this moment isn’t out there on its own. Our journeys, while varied, have a quality of unity behind them. By that I mean, that our differences, when honored and expressed as God made them to be, are designed to blend beautifully, for the good of all. We each have a perfect part to play, and each of us is needed, necessary, and equally awesome.

How do we take our journeys, love them, and discover what’s next? Here’s an exercise that might help:

Write down a list of 5 or 10 high points, major choices, seminal moments, and even what you deem as low points in your life journey so far. These might compose full chapters in your life story, or just be highlighted moments in those chapters. Next to each of those, jot down one word that is your takeaway from that experience or moment. For example, what did you overcome? What is the feeling now when you think of it? What did you learn from it about yourself? What is clearer now? What word describes that whole experience to you as you reflect back on it?

Now treasure all those words, those ideas and feelings. See the small victories and growth and new awareness. Also look for fresh insights on the bigger picture of things, the theme of the story. Consciously cherish that life journey for the wisdom you may now have about it. And sit still with your amazing story, and think about what makes sense to you now. What new chapter feels like the next right thing, the heart and soul thing, the thing that makes you come to life? What makes sense right now, knowing what you know, and being who you truly are?

We can’t edit our old human story, but we can love it and learn from it. We can connect the spiritual dots and see what kind of a picture develops. Then we can pause and let our soul guide us to what makes perfect sense and let the Truth of us within guide us forward.

Your journey has only just begun! The best part is ahead of you. Know that. Believe that. Agree with the Truth of your magnificence. Choose a great next adventure, and take the first step toward it. We’re in this together, kids! Let’s make it a good day, a good life, a good world. This is our moment!

I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to explore and discover more about where you’ve come from and where you are going! I do individual Divine Purpose Coaching. I’m also available for workshops or speaking engagements. My website is www.beingfreenow.com and you can also reach me via email at lauramoliter@gmail.com

About LauraMoliter

I'm a Divine Purpose Coach and Spiritual Activist. I'm also a poet, a Christian healer, as well as a singer/songwriter and a member of the band Rare Birds in Flight. I live in Austin, Texas, with my husband, Billy. I am also an identical twin.
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