Daily Inspiration, December 25th

“And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” (Isaiah 40:5)

Merry Christmas and hallelujah! Let’s celebrate Life and Love and the infinite presence of good, God, our generous and wise Creator-Father-Mother-Friend. Let’s join in a great chorus, sometimes in unison, sometimes in harmony, but always in beautiful and active praise of the Truth of our unity, our oneness with God and so with each other and with all mankind.

God’s glory is revealed. The Christ that appeared to the human thought continues to remind us that the Spirit of divine Life is here and that we can witness it. All flesh, all people, all nations, all creation can see this together. We can bear witness to the great appearing of the Comforter, that genuine and gentle spirit that comes to us where we are and shows us who we are—the children of infinite Spirit, of immortal Life, of perfect Love.

And this glory shall be seen in our being, in our acting, in our substance, in the ease and comfort and rightness of our bodies and our peaceful minds. The Word of God is clear and true. It embraces and expresses all. Everything that is, must be His and like Him. So, on the Christmas morning, on this reminder of the sacred birth of the sign of Immanuel—God with us–we can know and love that not a place on this globe nor in our being can fail to express what the mouth of the Lord has spoken, and to see it clearly and fully together.

A blessed Christmas to all!

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About LauraMoliter

I'm a Divine Purpose Coach and Spiritual Activist. I'm also a poet, a Christian healer, as well as a singer/songwriter and a member of the band Rare Birds in Flight. I live in Austin, Texas, with my husband, Billy. I am also an identical twin.
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